Be The Change

Welcome to Week 76 of Be the Change

This week I run some numbers to show how transformational Biden's policies have been for America. I also share a poem!

- Andy
The Math is Clear: Joe Biden is Great for America!

The Math is Clear: Joe Biden is Great for America!

In this post I'm going to use some (relatively simple) math to give a sense of how great the Biden Administration has been for America.
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The Allure of Cliché: A Sonnet

Neither the moon nor stars alone allure.
Celestial lips may good metaphors make,
yet we can’t long mere metaphor endure:
we seek cliché for companionship's sake.

Were this duvet draped over you and I
I’d have no need to exercise my mind,
for it’s the body not the mind that dies.
If only I could the perfect words find

I might countenance life's great solitude:
hard as love may be, it is harder to write.
Still I write you into my arms, O crude
reprieve from those interminable nights

which beckon their own alluring relief!
What does the drowning man desire most?
Are we not all drowning in quiet grief
like shipwrecks ever-longing for the coast?

I long for you is no dreadful cliché:
all poems fail; all vessels sail away.

There are a lot of ways we can work to stop Trump. These include writing letters to voters through Vote Forward; donating to Biden's campaign and other great groups, such as Swing Left, Voters of Tomorrow, Black Voters Matter, Next Gen America, Run for Something; knocking on doors, calling voters, and engaging friends and family. Let's make sure Trump never gets close to the levers of power again!

- Andy